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Jewelyn Morris
Alexandria, Virginia

Jewelyn Morris and her husband Charles, a Vietnam veteran, have been married for 29 years. They live in Northern Virginia and have two grown children. Their life changed dramatically when Charles was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago. Since then, he also has been diagnosed with other chronic conditions, including anemia and severe nerve damage.

Until his diabetes worsened, Charles was a successful realtor. Once a very independent person, Charles finds that he is now able to do less and less as his symptoms grow worse. Charles must take daily doses of insulin, and he also takes morphine to help control the ongoing, intense pain associated with nerve damage.

In addition to working full time, Jewelyn is Charles' sole caregiver. She coordinates all of his care without any assistance. She is in constant contact with Charles' numerous physicians and speaks frequently with the local pharmacist to ensure that Charles can take all of his various medications withouting harming himself.

The couple's entire life is defined by his illnesses and her caregiving. Jewelyn returns home from work every day to prepare lunch for Charles.

The Morris' live in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington, DC.

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