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The Partnership is committed to sharing personal stories of Americans who are affected by chronic health conditions. Stories from people with chronic conditions, their family members, community volunteers, and their health care providers will be shared here.

The first series of stories highlight one of the worst possible scenarios facing any American with a chronic health condition — being uninsured. More than 42 million Americans have no health coverage, private or public, and millions of these uninsured Americans suffer from one or more chronic health conditions. The problems that the chronically ill face in America are only worse for the uninsured. Care is more often than not unaffordable over the long term. Contact with doctors and hospitals is sporadic. Health problems are not addressed until they become crises and irreversible damage has occurred.

The stories below come from America's Uninsured, a project of The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Joe Babbitt
Deer Isle, Maine

Kent Engler
Lawrence, Kansas

Deborah Richter, MD
Buffalo, New York

Jonathan Ross, MD
Toledo, Ohio

The stories below have been sent in by caregivers of people with chronic conditions.

Crystal Jackson
Leesburg, Virginia

Jewelyn Morris
Alexandria, Virginia

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